I am not one for resolutions at least not anymore haha. My friend Lisa and I started coming up with our own phrases for the new year. Our first was say YES to any travel. Then the next year was SPEAK UP. With words to live by that only nurtured ourselves and not demands like lose weight, run 5 miles blah blah blah, I think it's time to bring back those phrases we used to live by. So how about this year my phrase will be in the words of Fleetwood Mac. YOU CAN GO YOUR OWN WAY. With this I am saying stop comparing yourself to others. I am saying do you're own thing and like my Dad always said, know who you are and not who you're not. This past fall I truly embraced it and want to continue that motto. I was over whelmed with so many networking events, volunteering, school, my day job and my photography. I decided to reach out to other photographers I admired and put my head down and work. So this post marks the start of that. I am excited to share stories of family, lovers and new babies here. So lets get started!

xo, Roxana


Welcome to Roxana Lopez Photography!

I am so excited to share my newly completed site with all of you.

Photography means a great deal to me and most importantly it means so much to me that you may choose me to capture those moments for you. 

Have fun browsing through the galleries and for taking a closer look into what I see behind the lens.