I came across a quote once that said, "We are all meant to do something important, it's just a matter of us finding it". This has always stuck with me.

Photography was an art that started out of curiosity. My dad was always gathering us together for pictures at home, family events, and just every opportunity he had. One night his camera was sitting on the counter and I scooped it up and started clicking. The clicking never stopped and I fell in love. The sound of the shutter, what I saw in the view finder, the weight of the camera in my hands, just everything.

With the influence of my dad's importance of family, I gravitated quickly to photographing maternity, newborns, candid family moments and, of course, weddings. Those moments are what we all live for. A new life, a new love, a forever partner, an unconditional love. 

I am the only photographer behind Roxana Lopez Photography. I handle each and every photograph with care because it's your family, your love. It is with passion and integrity that I nurture my business and my heart swells with gratitude for finding what I was meant to do.

- Roxana